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Parison Wall Thickness Control System

  • XUNJIE 100point Parison Controller
  • XUNJIE 100point Parison Controller
  • XUNJIE 100point Parison Controller
  • XUNJIE 100point Parison Controller
XUNJIE 100point Parison Controller XUNJIE 100point Parison Controller XUNJIE 100point Parison Controller XUNJIE 100point Parison Controller

XUNJIE 100point Parison Controller

  • Brand: XUNJIE
  • Function: Parison Control
  • Model: DIGI100 PACK
  • Delivery time: In Stock
  • Product description: XUNJIE 100point Parison Controller


Kaidoo Technology is located in the beautiful Riverside City - Zhangjiagang. The company use European and American technology, supply automatic blow molding machines,(suitable for the production of 5ML-3000L plastic bottles, plastic buckets, drum,tool box, toys, fuel tanks,table panel,plastic pallet,automobile part and other products), and supply Blow mould ,Injection mould,Auxiliary equipment. The company has a a large number of outstanding skilled workers and engineers with more than 10 years of design and manufacture of various hollow equipment and maintenance services experience.
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Xunjie Digi 100 Pack is an easy using, high-performance 100 points digital parison thickness 
controller. It can control the parison thickness of the blow molding machine. It can be used to 
continuous extrusion die head and accumulator die head with the current type servo valve(MOOG 
G631-3005B) or voltage type servo valve (Bosch、Rexroth、Atos). This machine aims to 
provide a fast production rate to produce lower weight and more durable jerrycans.
Correct installation and use of this system will make your blow molding machine has higher 
operation efficiency, which has faster molding cycle, shorter time and less waste material.
Xunjie Digi 100 systerm include three main parts: Xunjie Digi 100 controller, actions of the 
die mouth ( servo valve), the feedback sensor of measuring the die mouth opening. For the 
accumulator blow molding machine, it is the feedback sensor of the accumulator location. These 
three parts combined according with the machine type.
The engineer set up the Digi 100 pack control panel to get the right die opening making ideal 
and uniform thickness of container. 
The die mouth actuator control the flow according to the signal gets from the controller 
machine. To make the die orifice gap match the setting data which can control the thickness of the
Xunjie Digi 100 Pack controller provide the analog interface which can connect with the blow 
molding machine PLC to make closed cycle.




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